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General information
Forever Living Products Bulgaria
Office Address: 41B Burel St., 1408 Sofia
Open: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm (Mon – Fri)
Product Center Address:    34 Petko Karavelov Blvd., 1408 Sofia (~ 30 m east of the office)
Open: 10.00 am – 07.00 pm (Mon)
09.30 am – 07.00 pm (Tue – Fri)
Telephone: +359 2 954 95 80
Fax: +359 2 954 96 68
Email: flpb@flp.bg
Websites: www.foreverliving.com (Bulgarian and English content)
www.flp.bg (local website, Bulgarian and Macedonian content)
Can I sponsor new team members or order products in Bulgaria?
To be able to purchase products and sponsor new prospects in Bulgaria, you will have to contact the Forever office in your own Home Country and communicate your wish to be internationally sponsored into Bulgaria. If you have already done so, you should have already received an automated email welcoming you to our country.
I have a prospect in Bulgaria who wishes to join my team.
What do I need to do?
Your Bulgarian prospects can join your team using our Online Join procedure. Please give them your FBO ID number, so that they can choose you as their sponsor.

Another option would be to download our Forever Business Owner Application Form. This has to be printed out, filled in and signed at the bottom. Again your prospects will need your full FBO ID# to be able to fill it out in the form. Then the FBO Application can be scanned and emailed to us, faxed or brought to our office. Once we receive the form and verify that it has been filled in correctly and completely, the new member receives their ID number with which they can place their first order.

There are no special requirements for a new prospect to join in Bulgaria – there is no sign-up fee and the first product purchase can either be one of our Start Packs – the Start Your Journey Pack or the Start Your Personal Use Pack, or a random selection of products for at least 88.00 BGN (€45.00). The Start Packs are 1.5cc-worth packs awarding the sponsor with 2.000 case credits and the new FBO with all the benefits of a 2cc purchase – instant wholesale qualification and move-up to the Assistant Supervisor level with a 30% personal discount.
Where can I get a Product Price List for my prospects?
The Bulgarian Product Price List can be downloaded from HERE. It includes retail, Preferred Customer (FPC) and all the Marketing Plan level prices (in the following order - Retail, FPC, A/Sup, Sup, A/Mgr, Mgr). The prices are in Bulgarian currency.
Can I take a look at your Product Catalogue?
You can leaf through the Bulgarian Product Brochure online or purchase the printed edition (ietm # 1003, unit price 1.60 BGN).
What is the minimum order amount in Bulgaria?
The minimum order amount for first and subsequent orders is 88.00 BGN (€45.00) at FPC Pricing.
What meetings and trainings do you have?
All monthly open trainings at the Forever office in Sofia have now been suspended due to the current COVID situation. Your Bulgarian prospects and team members will be able to see the dates for our upcoming online events on our NEWS page and on our FACEBOOK page.
Do you have online trainings that I can send to my prospects?
Yes, you can send them a link to our online trainings. They will be able to watch the following: Opportunity Presentation, The Forever Marketing Plan and more.
Do you have the First Steps to Manager workbook in Bulgarian?
Yes, you can leaf through it online, or order the hard copy (item # 1113, unit price 2.00 BGN). You can browse through the rest of our literature items HERE (the page is in Bulgarian only) or in the FBO online shop at foreverliving.com (please see below how to sign in).
I am in Bulgaria on vacation and would like to order products while I am here. How can I do that?
Orders can be placed online, by phone, fax, email, or in person. For online orders, please sign in to your FBO site at foreverliving.com with your ID and password. Then click on the name of your country at the top of your screen, a drop-down menu will unfold to list all the countries you are internationally sponsored into. Now look for EUROPE and choose BULGARIA to switch to the local content for our area. After the Bulgarian FBO site loads, click on SHOP NOW to place your order.

shop now image
How do I pay for my order?
We accept cash and Debit/Credit cards if you come to our Product Center. Online orders can be paid by cash on delivery, Visa/MasterCard or a bank transfer. Orders placed by phone are paid by cash on delivery or a bank transfer.
When will I receive my order and what are the shipping charges?
Orders are dispatched on the next business day after receipt and shipped in 1 or 2 business days. The shipping charges are as follows:
4.00 BGN for a drop-ship delivery in Sofia (1 business day after dispatch)
5.00 BGN for a door-to-door delivery in Sofia (1 business day after dispatch)
5.00 BGN for a 2-business-day (after dispatch) drop-ship delivery in Bulgaria
6.00 BGN for a 2-business-day (after dispatch) door-to-door delivery in Bulgaria
7.00 BGN for a 1-business-day (after dispatch) drop-ship delivery in Bulgaria
8.00 BGN for a 1-business-day (after dispatch) door-to-door delivery in Bulgaria
How will I receive my bonuses from Bulgaria?
By wire transfer to local bank accounts regardless of bonus amount and by wire transfer to foreign bank accounts after bonuses accrue to 100 EUR or more. Please contact Maya Mladenova at mmladenova@flp.bg to send your bank details and find out whether you will need to send us an invoice for your bonus.
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